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An exhibit dedicated to the work in ceramics of Paolo Staccioli is on display at the Giuliano Ghelli Museum of San Casciano. The show is a tribute to the Tuscan artist and is curated by Andrea Pignataro.

“It is a quality exhibit within the national artistic panorama,” says Mayor Massimiliano Pescini. “It is an occasion to visit our museum, open the entire year and featuring more than 10 art shows in 2017, highlighting the works of great contemporary artists”.

Staccioli’s sculptures, around 20 of them in ceramic, feature travelors, warriors, angels, and human as well as surreal figures. They are on display on the first and second floors of the museum.

MOstraStaccioliThe show is organized by the “Sistema Museale” of Chianti Valdarno” and will remain open until June 25.

It is sponsored by the Tuscan Region and the Townships of Fiesole, Scandicci and Montelupo Fiorentino. The curator, Andrea Pignataro, has also organized a tour to the workshop of Maestro Staccioli.

Reservations are required for the visit in Scandicci on June 1. Info: 055 8256382. Free entrance.

Paolo Staccioli was born in Scandicci in 1943. At the end of the 80’s, he began his first experiences with ceramics in bas-relief terracotta. Afterwards, he experimented with enamel, through the technique of reduced oxygen baking. Under his teache, the artisan Umberto Santandrea, he begins research on polishing with earth, oxides and salt.

Continuing this research, Staccioli leaves painting and transfers his subjects onto vases and other ceramic vessels. In 2000 he begins to experiment with plastic and models a large Horse on a winged “putto”.

Its fusion in bronze inaugurated the “Parco Museo di Poggio Valicaia”, in Scandicci. His research continues with the modelling of new subjects, like warriors, travelers on wagons or boats and, most recently, cardinals.