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A plan to defend our crops, in particular, olive groves and nurseries, from the risk of “Xylella” has been approved by the regional junta upon a proposal of the regional assessor of agriculture, Marco Remaschi.

The plan gives continuity to the actions taken over the last few years, after the infestation of the Xylella bacteria, harmful to the olive groves of Salento and other plants in Corsica and the Balearic Island.

“The Xylella fastidiosa,” underlined the assessor, “isn’t present in Tuscany, and we are trying to avoid a manifestation of this danger in the future. During 2016, more than 4,000 samples analyzed had negative results. We hope it continues like this”.

“The approved plan,” continues the assessor, “combines all of the actions that prevent the danger, in particular through surveillance and monitoring in the points considered higher risk, but also contains actions necessary to face the danger if it appears. It is a very detailed plan. We must keep our guard up because the possible economic and landscape consequences of an infection would be grave for our territory”.

In the document approved by the junta, indications for the development of a constant monitoring of the territory and surveillance in the crucial areas where the infection could occur, are laid out.

This activity is delegated to the regional Plant Health service which has activated the principal scientific organisms operating in Tuscany, in order to have a valid scientific support system in the operations of monitoring and surveillance.

The plan approved by the region, therefore, has the task of continuing this preventive action, aiding it with communications inititiatives: for example, there will be information campaigns at the entrance to Tuscany (ports and airports); also, the pages of the Plant Health site of the Tuscan Region contain information for citizens and visitors which will help then be aware of and know how to give the alarm for eventual suspect cases which will then be examined with specific controls.

In addition, in order to face the danger, a plan of emergency has been established to immediately face the danger in case of an infestation on regional territory.

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