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Saturday morning farmers’ market in Greve in Chianti has been showcasing local agriculture products and delicacies for 7 years.

Scents and tastes of cabbage, spinach, carrots, honey, cheeses, tomatoes, olive oil, wine and the traditional flowers inundate the piazza della Resistenza.

The market for direct producers, set up in one of the historic locations of Chianti, represents a point of pride for the Township of Greve.

It is an event which both locals and tourists attend on Saturday mornings to take part in an appointment which has consolidated, finalized and given value to the typical production of the area.


Gionni Pruneti

“The objective is to guarantee the identity of the producer to the consumer,” says the Assessor for Productive Activities, Gionni Pruneti. “We have been organizing the market for several years with excellent results, thanks to the support and collaboration of the Associazioni Territorial Coldiretti  and C.I.A. The market is a long living and successful activity which has gained credibility and authority over the years. 1000’s of people attend and shop, expressing their appreciation for the products and for the opportunity to get to know the farms without a middle man”.

Protagonists of the initiative are the local producers, a selection of farms which propose their excellent products from  8AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

The level of trust on the part of local and tourist consumers has grown as they get to know the typical seasonal products, both local and regional.

“The market,” says Sergio Ballini, representative of Coldiretti, “is also an added value from an economic point of view. It guarantees savings for the consumer equal to a minimum of 30%. It also sustains the local economy”.

“The objective that we have been aiming at for years and which is appreciated by the public,” adds Andrea Pagliai, regional coordinator of Spesa in Campagna C.IA., “ is the search for direct contact between the producer and the consumer, sustained by the community, which requires a territorial brand of the product”.