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Lorenzo Fanti (Lorenzo Fanti Luf Lab) shot these photos, documenting the emotions that the Chianti region has been experiencing over the last few weeks.

We are talking about the rebirth of the vines, which after the winter lethargy and pruning, have begun to show the first buds.


The path of the 2017 vintage has begun: a path that has occurred for years and one that will face many obstacles.

During this first phase of budding, roe deer and deer, are the main enemies. They dine on the tender buds which are a delicacy for them.


This phase is a real cross to bear for the keepers of the vines. Some defend themselves by fencing off the fields with electric wires, a big expense with uncertain results.

Some try by using odors. If you smell a strong and pungent odor while passing through Chianti vineyards, it might be an anti-deer treatment.


Many farmers are experimenting with repellents against all types of deer with a with a sheep fat based repellent.

This odor disturbs the animals so they don’t approach the vineyards. It should be underlined that is a product which can be used in organic farming.