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Pizza is a serious thing. At the Trattoria Antica Calcinaia, along the via Grevigiana between San Casciano and Mercatale, the owner, Marco Romoli, is convinced that he is the only one who can make pizza… only him, together with his helper, Gabriele De Simone.

With a wood burning stove Marco creates fabulous pizzas. Some are traditional and others are more gourmet (photo by Lorenzo Fanti Luf Lab).

The dough is light and fragrant, prepared with Neapolitan flour or darker stone ground flour, salt, water and a bit of yeast, with a minimum of 24 hours rising time.

The pizza has a nice external crust, fragrant and crunchy. You should also try the wonderful calzone.

“For the dough,” explains Marco, at ease in front of the oven, “we worked hard to find the ideal mix, and today I can proudly say that we succeeded. The proof is in our simple white focaccia: some say they would never stop eating it”.

The milk cream mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella and the peeled tomatoes are of great quality as expected. “Pizza,” says Marco, “is made of few ingredients. If we don’t choose the best, we don’t make the best”.

As we said before, the list of pizzas at the Antica Calcinaia also has an array of gourmet selections, sometimes depending on the season.

“I can make a few examples,” smiles Marco, “because we always offer new and special items. For example, there is a pizza with finocchiona from Chianti cut into cubes, fresh rosemary, a pinch of coarse salt, and fresh goat cheese or pecorino, soft and flavorful, from a famous cheese maker from Chianti”.

“If we wanted to,” concludes Marco, “we could add a touch of class with a drop of Chianti Classico wine reduction”.

The pizza will be on the menu this evening, Tuesday, February 28, for €10, including a draft beer.