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This weekend you can have a laugh at the town theatre, Regina Margherita, in Marcialla. On Saturday, January 14, at 9:30 PM and Sunday, January 15, at 5 PM, the Tuscan Theatre Group, La Ginestra, will present the show, “E ora icche’ s’inventa?”, a brilliant comedy in three acts by Massimo Galli.

La GinestraThe Counts Gattolini, a noble family, live in the Florentine Hills in the “Villa Sfacciata” (Shameless Villa), the perfect name for them.

They are snobs and, being of noble birth, they don’t want to mix with ommoners, but only with those who were born noble. But be careful. The situation can change quickly.

Although you were born in high quarters, it may not always remain this way. As always, the common people come to the rescue.

The lesson: you can obtain what you need only through honest work. Whether you are rich, beautiful or ugly, hard work will feed you. The play is part of the new theatre season for the Regina Margherita.

There is a program for everybody, aimed mostly at families. But don’t forget the appointments with prose and music. There is theatre for children, popular theatre, contemporary and research theatre, jazz and wine tasting, and band concerts.

This season continues on January 22 for the children when “Claudio and Consuelo” interpret “Roclo’’”. On February 3 and 4, the TeAltro company presents “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, a thriller with the dark notes. Children’s theatre returns on February 12 with “Mostry” and comic theatre on February 18 with “Rosa”, written by and starring Teresa Bruno and directed by Andrè Casaca.

Popular Tuscan theatre returns on February 25 and 26 with the company, “Senza Sipario” and “La bottega di Sghio.” Music begins on March 4 with the concert, “Trentacinque” by the Simone Graziano/Frontal quartet.  Popular Tuscan theatre, Firenze Ridanciana presents “Corna di sera qualcuno ci spera” on March 11.

On March 25, we will see comic music and theatre with “Conciorto”, a concert/voyage dedicated to the world of the vegetable garden. Jazz and wine returns on April 8 with the Antonello Salis/Riccardo Fassi duo.

From April 21-23 there will be three evenings dedicated to popular Tuscan theater, with “I pochi e Nemmen Tanto Boni” who will present “Mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi, amanti e badanti di paesi distanti.” The season closes on April 24 with a concert by the “Giuseppe Verdi” Philharmonic of Marcialla and the “Concerto di Primavera”.

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