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Mark the date: December 8, the Arci Club of Chiocchio, at 8 PM. You will be able to enjoy a “Cena (dinner) del Lampredotto”, organized by residents of Chiocchio, Strada in Chianti and San Polo.

The idea was to have a dinner that would attract young people from the area. “Although there are many events and town fairs”, explain the organizers, “in this area there is little participation from the young.

This discourages intergenerational contact and the transmission of values, for example, the importance of volunteering and participating in the area’s associations.

“From here the idea to create a specific dinner event where youngsters and adults would participate together, collaborate and learn from each other was born”.

The dinner based on “lampredotto” will be organized by the club council and area youth. The adults will cook and the young people will serve.

They hope to create a precedent and introduce other occasions where young people realize that they have various ways to promote and experiment their ideas.

It is a fixed menu with a fixed price: crostini with “poppa” and “lingua”, risotto with black cabbage and lampredotto, penne with lampredotto ragu’, lampredotto, lampredotto in inzimino, tripe, Florentine style, wine and water.

Price: adults, €20; children under 12, €10; children under six, free Reservations are required by December 5. Call 331-206-4049.