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Rebecca Serchi’s workshop has the feeling of the stories she loves to illustrate:  a fairy tale corner of paradise. In a house in San Casciano, furnished with handmade creations and surrounded by leaves, tempera, brushes and other tools of the trade.

rebeccaserchi6Since nursery school Rebecca had a dream. She has now realized it at the age of 30, with passion, hard work and the desire to improve. She is living personal success through what she is creating with her hands and mind.

Rebecca is a total artist: she listens to her clients’ needs, interprets them and transforms them into an unusual array of objects,  (see the photo and her site  She is versatile, accurate, competent, and sensitive in every way.

“In Florence,” says Rebecca, “I attended the Art Institute and then a biennial course of the pittoric decoration. I stopped for a year, searching for my style. I then started self study and four years ago I began a course with the Brunella Baldi”.

“While complementing the text, an illustration must transmit something more. Up to now, I have illustrated a musical fairy tale for children, Il Flautino, and a book for adults, Camminare tra donne. (Walking among women”).

“In collaboration with Alice Montagnini”, she tells us, “I entered an international Contest for illustration in Austria. I won the first prize with “L’invenzione che ho inventato”. We are looking for an Italian publisher to publish it”.

“It is in mixed technique”, she explains. “The model type is made up of color etching extended on surface and transfered onto paper. I prepare a trace of the design with rollers and color in the rest. Then a collage: I ink and paste various materials (leaves, flowers, packing paper)”.

“I created a small studio at home”, she continues. “In addition to illustration, I do many other things, varying activities that stimulate creativity. I make wedding favors, paintings, invitations and now, jewels”.

“For wineries like Antinori and the Tenuta Col d’Orcia (Montalcino), I create papers and labels. Since 2013, I have promoting the art of the Chianti territory in schools together with the Association, Friends of the Museum, of Impruneta and San Casciano. Between visits to the museum of San Casciano and class lessons I hold a workshop where contact with children helps me with my other work, Illustrations for children’s books”.

Noemi Bartalesi