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The 38th “Rallly della Fettunta” is starting to take shape. On December 10 and 11 the new extra virgin olive oil will be celebrated with the traditional auto race which closes the 2016 season of Italian rallies.

Starting today until December 2, applications are open for all participants, (you can find the form on at, including those riding modern vehicles and those in vintage autos.


Many novelties that Valdelsa Corse are proposing are in the works and will be revealed after the presentation of a new itinerary with special trials of the “R2 Cup 2016”. There will be rich prizes for the R2 CUP  Rally. This is reserved for contestants in the R2B class, (cars with 1600 cc, usually populated by young talents of the Rally), thus encouraging this type of initiative. The winner will receive €700 euros and second place, €300.

To the first three of the same class; free entry 2017 edition. The Memory The first of the N2 class to arrive will win the commemoration plate, “Targa Davide Tulipani”, in memory of the Ligurian pilot who died in an accident during the 2015 race.

“This is an acknowledgement that we wanted to start, together with his family, to remember one as impassioned of this sport as we are”, explain the organizers. “The “targa” will go to the first of the same class in which David ran his races, the N2. We pay homage and tribute in one of the longest running and significant races on the national scene”.

Direct Radio Reporting For the first time in the history of the rally, there will be live radio programming, Thanks to an agreement between Valdelsa Corse and Diretta Rally, the project, born in Tuscany, regarding new information on motorized vehicles.

Diretta Rally will be present along the main points of the itinerary on radio Fiesole (100.FM in Tuscany and streaming on the Internet outside of the signal).

There will also be video interviews giving the highlights of the race on Facebook. In addition to traditional mass media, information regarding the rally will be available on the online newspapers, Il Gazzettino del Chianti and WeChianti.

The main sponsors of the Rally are: ChiantiBanca; Bacci Trasmissioni; Oleificio Fiorentini; Bartalesi Motori; Pandolfini Group; Automobile Club Firenze; Township of Barberino Val d’Elsa; Township of di Tavarnelle; Township of San Casciano.