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It is well known that Italians are connoisseurs of pasta, soccer, pizza, beautiful women, and automobiles. Among an added list of virtues, is that of wine expert.

Their French cousins are better at charging more for wine, but Italians are first in production, have the know-how to make wine better, and make it better. Of course, bad apples can be found next to good ones, but look at it as the glass “half full”.

If someone is caught, it means they were checked, and if their is control, we are better protected. In addition to he who does his job well, there is who does it very well; who takes risks and does everything possible to develop ideas and value. An example of personal enrichment might be a visit to the Antinori Chianti Classico wine cellar.

Upon arrival, you will find a map to help you manage the dimensions that you are about to discover. The winery does not follow the usual layout. You have to follow the lines. You might want to start with a meal at the restaurant, Rinuccio1180, where, weather permitting, you can eat on the terrace facing the Pesa Valley, almost in direct contact with the vines that surround the cellar.

The guided tour begins with a video of the Antinori family, where the Marquis Piero introduces himself. The images and explanations about the production estates, the geographic context and local traditions help put everything in context. A quick overview of the building site of the large structure, helps you understand where you are.

Then the central part of the visit begins. You can appreciate the area where the barriques, fermenting cellar and operating machines are located. There is also the “vinsantaia”, with another video and the the jug room with the accompanying explanations. The guide is very prepared and impassioned and helps you become part of the environment.

To coronate the experience is the wine tasting accompanied by illustrations of the particularities of the bottle and of the territory which the wine comes. Both help better enjoy the tastings. The historical aspect comes to light with a visit to the museum. There you will hear testimony from the Antinori family about their relationship with the rest of the world.

The winery was built with the daring solutions, evidenced by the stupendous terrace on the valley and the helical staircase. Everything was built with an eye to productivity, minimizing the impact on the environment.

The cost of this experience isn’t exactly economical, but after the visit, considering what you saw, learned, tasted, touched… you understand that quality and beauty are found here for a reason. Consider it a good investment.