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After 4 months of travelling 2,723 kilometers by foot, Chiara Corti and Marco Frosali have returned home from Santiago de Compostela to Tavarnelle… stronger than ever.

It was a cloudy day, without even a ray of sun. But the smiling faces of friends and family of the couple, who finally could reembrace them, lit up the day. Among photos, toasts and updates on the final events, the pilgrims received a colorful dedication in rhyme. Two balloons flying to the sky represented their trip.

They enjoyed every single, sincere and warm welcome. “Bentornati”….Welcome home!” Marco and Chiara ended their voyage on a snail’s pace, in the same manner it was started. They returned with a suitcase full of memories, sensations and experiences that they will remember forever… also regarding their common project for life.

“The idea to return slowly was a success”, say Marco and Chiara. “Once we reached the ocean, we realized that it wouldn’t be right to end a voyage that lasted 4 months on foot with 2 hours in an airplane”.

“We walked along the Arno until Fucecchio, coming back along a part of the Via Francigena”, they say. “It was really emotional to retread places like San Miniato and Gambassi Terme”.

“We had come across these towns at the beginning of our adventure”, they explain. “when we were afraid and uncertain, but with the desire to explore: in any case, with the unknown ahead. On the way back we approached them with another spirit and mentality”.

“While, in June, our uncertain steps took us further, at this point we had gained strength, experience and knowledge”, they remember. “And while we looked at our beloved hills, the thought of home was alive and constant”.

“Thursday, October 13, was our very last day of the walk”, they continue. “The last 10 kilometers, from Sciano to Tavarnelle, we couldn’t wait. We fantasized about who would be waiting to greet us at our arrival”.

“Relatives and some friends welcomed us”, they continue. “ with a banner, ballons and spumante. The first thing that we asked: ‘What’s new in Tavarnelle?’… and the answer… ‘The usual.’ Probably what we were waiting to here”.

“It is as time stood still on that Saturday, June 4”, they add. “For what we could see, in town everything was more or less unchanged…except for some repaved streets and a new store in town”.

Noemi Bartalesi