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To many Chianti residents, taking away a day of olive gathering is like taking away your breath. Better if under a crisp blue sky, limpid… possibly without a wind that lashes at your face and blows the leaves into your eyes.

But going into the field to gather olives, for who does it as a calling and for who does it for their yearly olive oil consumption, it is always something unique, traditional, and unrepeatable.

The odor is unmistakable, even that of olives smashed into the ground. There is an scent of earth and sky, past and present; it is a magic that repeats itself when you arrive at the olive press, and after an always more modern and accurate process that doesn’t affect the oil’s characteristics, the inebriating green liquid emerges.

On bread, salad, on beans, with fennel, on a plate of ribollita… everyone has his preference, but new olive oil is always a synonym of happiness. Happy olive picking to all!