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There are three special itineraries to be tread twice (Sicelle, Campoli, Tignano), all immersed in the Chianti Hills. There is a slimmed down race format with three “strikers” and three sections timed differently.

These are the first new innovations of the third Fettunta Rally day (December 10 – 11), the classic Italian ”short” race on the road. The first edition was in 1977. This year is the 38th. They have always been organized by the Valdelsa Corse stable.

The rally, by tradition, celebrates the new olive oil, and as per usual, teams from all over Italy and thousands of spectators will attend. The calendar day was moved up a week due to the referendum on the Italian Constitution.

“We are revealing the itinerary and the program of a race that has always evolved with tradition,” explain Federico Feti, Marco Piazzini and Matteo Corti, from the organizing committee of Valdelsa Corse. “The layout extends to Chianti and covers many locations. We are receiving many  requests to host the rally from all over the Chianti region. In the meantime, with three different special trials, we wanted to enliven the race which, being a “rally” day, has to maintain mileage and timing content”.

The itinerary develops among the territories of Tavarnelle, Barberino Val d’Elsa, San Casciano and Castellina in Chianti, between the provinces of Florence and Siena.

There are 6 special trials -all different, all on asphalt- and will be run in three rounds (two special trials for each round). One of them is the already tested special trial of Sicelle (6 km), also theater of this year’s timed trial of the Giro d’Italia race. The others derive from the glorious past of Tuscan rallies and are: Campoli (5.1 km), an old special rally trial from the 1980s in Impruneta, andT ignano (5.1 km), for the first time on asphalt (the road was once gravel).

Pre-race verifications are set for Saturday, in the medieval heart of Barberino Val d’Elsa. The day after, Sunday, December 11, the first car will lead the traditional departure from Porta Romana on the Via Cassia at 8:01 AM. Two things have changed, the first in Sambuca (at the Bacci Winery), the second in Tavarnelle, in piazza Matteotti. In the same piazza of Tavarnelle, the arrival podium will be placed (a checked flag… 3:40 PM).

The service park will be in Sambuca. You can sign up starting on November 10. The new Internet site for the event is under construction and official documents for the race and material for spectators will become available soon. At the same time as the rally for modern autos, the 14th historic rally of the Fettunta will to be disputed.

The vintage cars will follow the same route and the same special trials as the modern rally. Prizes and awards will be provided….to be announced.

The best navigator under 25 years old will receive the sixth Mirko Giachetti Memorial Trophy. The Fettunta rally day is the last appointment to assign the regional Tuscan testing Championship titles under the aegis of ACI SPORT.

Fettunta Rally Day is supported by its main sponsor, ChiantiBanca, and the automobile clubs of Florence, Barberino Val d’Elsa, Tavarnelle and San Casciano.