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It was an honor to receive recognition for the excellent work done to prepare for the Chianti Classico segment of the Giro d’Italia.

The “chronometer” of the Giro d’Italia was strongly desired by the consortium of Chianti Classico wine last May and brought the Chianti territory to the grand “pink’”bicycle race.

A real honor… over the last few days, the marketing and communication sector of the consortium, represented by Gerardo Giorgi, in occasion of the presentation in Milano of the Giro d’Italia for next year (the 100th edition), held a training course for all the committees that will take part in 2017.

“They asked for our presence”, continues Giorgi, “as a case history of success regarding the use of the race segment from a marketing point of view. It is an honor to tell about a beautiful itinerary: difficult, full of emotion, fascinating”.

“We told them”, continues Giorgi, “what we did, preparing as if the race was leaving the following day. You cannot be an instant late. The organization for such an event is such that preparation must be started immediately”.

“Ours”, says Giorgi, “was an unusual segment from the beginning, with the committee, (the consortium) and an immediate tie to the local community; working closely with the town administrations, associations and citizens. It was a daily political collaboration where the towns worked from a technical point of view and we worked from a marketing point of view”.

Other chapters of the presentation were “Sale la febbre” (The fever rises) and “Il Grande Giorno” (The grand day), both appreciated by the audience.

“An analysis of tourist fluctuation generated by the media exposure of the Giro? We intend to monitor it,” responds Giorgi in conclusion. “But all of the experts tell us it is too early. A couple of years have to pass before we can have real data concerning the event”.

Matteo Pucci