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This year the Viticcio Winery (Greve in Chianti) harvesting began on September 9 and ended on 10 October. Obviously, after all this hard work in the vineyard is not yet over, and now you have moved … in the cellar.

But behold, in some photos, this route immortalized moment after moment: all stages of winemaking are hand-made, starting with the manual harvest in the vineyards.

The grapes are collected in boxes and then emptied on the table. Subsequently, all the grapes are selected by hand to find the berries are imperfect or have any flaws.

Then the grapes are passed all the destemmer-Crusher. But sometimes you can’t resist in front of berries so sweet and juicy! Somebody’s got to do a quality check, right?

The juice, skins and stalks are transported in stainless steel vats where maceration. That wine making begin: good year 2016!