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On Saturday, October 22, starting at 9:45 AM the parade of the “Dame” and “Legati” will traverse the historic center of Florence and reach Piazza San Giovanni.

After crossing the “Porta Santa” (Holy Door) at 10:15 AM the procession, preceded by the “Clero”, will enter the baptistery of San Giovanni Battista and receive honors from the city, represented by the historic parade of the Florentine Republic. Holy Mass will be celebrated at 10:30 AM.

At the end of the holy liturgy, new members of the group will be invested by the Captain General, Baron Giovanni Ricasoli-Firidolfi, according to the ancient rite that distinguishes this historic institution which protects and valorizes the Chianti territory in the world.

This year, as always, the most suggestive rites with which the “Lega del Chianti” (League of Chianti) has been celebrating the love, beauty, and values of the Chianti territory will be renewed.

Founded at the end of the 1300’s to guide the people of Chianti during the conflict between the Signoria of Florence and the Republic of Siena, the Lega Chianti is the oldest institution, only one of its kind, which proposes to protect, safeguard and preserve the “Terra del Chianti” (Chianti territory).

Hard work and civil sensibility have replaced medieval arms in the defense of landscape and natural resources, together with concrete interventions of restoration and/or valorization of the artistic and architectural heritage, such as the promotion of cultural events which aim to make known the beauty of Chianti.

The “Legati” and the “Dame” will meet at 9 AM in the church of Santi Michele and Gaetano in Piazza Antinori.  At 9:45 AM the parade of the Lega Chianti, with the delegation from the society of San Giovanni Battista will begin, preceded by the historic parade of the Florentine Republic.

In Piazza San Giovanni, the “Clero” will join the procession, led by the “Correttore” of the Lega, E.R. Mons. Luciano Giovannetti, Bishop emeritus of Fiesole and “Legato di Collare”, who will lead the League towards the holy door to celebrate the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, launched by Pope Francesco.

The Lega del Chianti met the Holy Father on May 14 in the Vatican, at which time they made an extraordinary donation to the charitable works of the Pope.

After passing the holy door, while being honored by the city, the procession will enter the Baptistery where a Holy Mass and investure of the new Legati and Dame will take place. This year they are coming from three nations: italy, Switzerland and Austria. I