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Silvia and Josef, a couple from Slovakia, decided to get married in the Town Hall of San Casciano. Lenka and Monika prepared the ceremony and tell us that this is not the first that they have organized in Chianti.

Getting married in the Chianti region has become a tendency, very popular among foeigners: so much so that the Townships have been moving along, enabling the celebation of the civil rite in villas and castles as well (in San Casciano, you can also get married in the Niccolini Theatre). They are trying to promote “wedding tourism”.

Silvia is a well known fashion blogger, but we don’t know anything about Josef. The Culture Assessor, Chiara Molducci, united them in matrimony.

As well as the couples’ relatives, there was a small folkloristic group of musicians in traditional costume which, after the wedding, accompanied the couple along the casltle walls of Piazza dell Repubblica under an annoying rain.

The San Casciano residents joined in the festivities and reassured the couple: “Sposi bagnati, sposi fortunati”; wet bride and groom, lucky bride and groom! Congratulations to Silvia and Josef.

Antonio Taddei