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The Archeological Museum of Sienese Chianti…in an App. The Museum of Castellina in Chianti has become part of the cultural offering for smart phones and tablets promoted by the Foundation of Chianti museums, through an App called “Museo in Tasca” (museum in your pocket.)

This was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Township and the resources allocated by the Tuscan Region to increase access to the museum and cultural heritage of the Tuscan Region through new technology and means of communication.

The App, dedicated to the Archaeological Museum of Sienese Chianti, is now available and can be downloaded for free at the Apple store or Google play.

You can visit the museum through clear and essential texts in Italian and English, galleries of photographs, notecards, original videos and graphic reconstructions. Once downloaded on your smart phone, the application serves as a guide to visit the museum and allows you to share information and access maps to deepen knowledge of the territory.

Also, arriving in advance of other technology applied to the cultural good, the App uses beacons, small Bluetooth antennas distributed inside the museum. Once opened, at the beginning of the museum visit you can automatically access exclusive contents applying to some objects exhibited during the museum itinerary.

“The App of the Archeological Museum of Sienese Chianti was developed within that of the foundation of Sienese museums”, says Marcello Bonechi, Mayor of Castellina in Chianti. “It goes hand-in-hand with the renewal of the site, and enforces communication between the museum and the historic and cultural heritage within. For those interested, it substitutes paper guides, catching up with new technology. In the same way, it also has an application/game for younger visitors, initiated thanks to the dedication of the Township and of the “Musei accreditati Regione Toscana 2016” (Accredited Museums of the Tuscan Region, 2016), which will be presented by the month of December”.

“Thanks to the App”, adds  Andrea Pucci, cultural liasion of Castellina in Chianti, “we can offer visitors a virtual tour of our structure and get them all the information needed to plan their trip to and during their stay in Chianti. This is a choice that looks towards the future and aims to attract, in a growing manner, a public which is increasingly more attentive to new technology and its daily use through smart phones and tablets”.