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“Data published by the “Ufficio Statistica” (Office of Statistics) of Florence confirms tourism as one of the main attractions of the area’s economy”.

So says Angelo Bassi, Managing Director of “Turismo della Metrocittà”. During the first semester of 2016, a global increment of 1.96% of turn out was registered, for a total of 6,198,493. Foreign tourism rose 1.98% and Italian tourists were up 1.92%. This data is provisional, but pertinent to approximately 90% of accommodations.

The city of Florence is the favored destination for Americana, with nearly 740,000 presences; they are followed by Germany, United Kingdom, France, China, Spain, Japan, Holland, Brazil and Australia.

In total, there were 4,344,381 foreign tourists compared to 1,854,112 Italians (most from Lombardy, followed by Lazio and Tuscany). The highest number of presences was in June, with 858,000 tourists; the lowest in February, 561,000.

“Considering the various zones of the Città Metropolitana” explains Bassi, “Florence is in first place with almost 4 1/2 million tourists. Second place goes to the area around Florence, strongly influenced by the vicinity of the capital. Following are the areas of Empoli-Valdelsa, Valdarno, Mugello and the mountains around Florence. In all of these areas, there was a prevalence of foreign tourists, except for Mugello, where Italians were almost 8%, making it the preferred destination for Tuscans”.

In other zones, the United States was in first place in Florence, China in the mountains around Florence, and in Mugello, Germans in the Empoli-Valdelsa (80%) and in the Valdarno (84%).

This fact is strongly influenced by the number of farm stays and campgrounds in the zone. It is interesting to compare the presences between hotel structures and not. In the metropolitan cities, hotels are most sought after. This fact was confirmed in Florence, in the area around Florence and the Florentine mountain area, and in Mugello.

It was the opposite in the Chianti territory, where 73% of tourists preferred non-hotel structures, 80% in Empoli-Valdelsa, and 84% in Valdarno, influenced by the numerous farm stays and campgrounds.