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It is time for the 3rd edition of the Vincenzo D’Isanto Scholarship, an initiative created by the I Balzini Winery, in honor of its founder of the same name.

On Friday, September 30, in the winery in Barberino d’Elsa, some of the most promising sommeliers of the Florence AIS delegation will contend the scholarship: 700 Euros, the cost of entry to the third year of study.

Antonella D’Isanto, for some years head of the winery, explains: “The Balzini family has always been involved in spreading and promoting wine culture and a knowledgeable way of drinking. We believe that the young sommeliers of today inherit the honor and the responsibility to cultivate and transmit these values. They are values which certainly represent a passion, as well as the possibility to build a professional future and an invaluable asset to our territory”.

Vincenzo D’Isanto has been a sommelier since 1984, and in 2014, to celebrate his 30 years of belonging to the Association, Antonella decided to institute a scholarship to give incentive to and stimulate new entries to the profession.

The morning of Friday, September 30, there will be the written test as well as the blindfolded taste test, during which the candidates will have to recognize the wines of I Balzini.

In the afternoon, the three candidates with the best scores of the morning will meet in an oral challenge, open to the public, during which they will have to tell about the winery. In addition to the course payment and a commemorative plaque for the first prize, the second and third placed sommeliers will receive a double Magnum and a Magnum of I Balzini White Label.