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After the great success of the third edition of the Rural Festival-Emilia Romagna, the event is coming to the historic downtown of Gaiole in Chianti on Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18.

This is the debut in Tuscany for the exposition and market dedicated to products of local artisans, farmers and breeders. It is an invitation to discover and taste products from ancient animal breeds and various vegetables from Tuscany and Emilia.

The first week of September hosted the successful third edition of the festival in Rivalta di Lesignano de’ Bagni (Parma). It is now ready for its debut in Tuscany. This is a new showcase for farmers and breeders from the Tuscany/Emilia Appennines

. They will be exhibiting in the main piazza of the town, piazza Ricasoli, to promote a healthy and sustainable economy which depends upon antique traditions and the tutoring of the farmers’ values.

The idea of the Rural Festival was born of the work of farmers and breeders from Parma who wanted to introduce their traditional products. This was the first year that the Rural/Emilia  edition also exhibited excellent products from the nearby Tuscany Gaiole is renewing the brotherhood between the two regions, inviting its guests to discover and taste agricultural biodiversity, with stands that offer products from around 30 chosen companies, representatives of many ancient breeds, and a variety of fruits and vegetables from Tuscan and Emilian provinces.

This is not simply an exhibition/market, but a true experience of cultural gastronomic biodiversity. There will be products typical of the zone like the Zolfino bean, the dwarf coconut,  pink garbanzo beans, pecorino from Massa sheep, Marocca di Casola, the famous bread made with chestnut flour, Formenton Ottofile polenta from Garfagnana, fresh pasta, gnocchi from Cetica potatoes, farro testaroli from Lunigiana, chestnut honey, Holy wine from Chianti malvasia grapes, and pork from Cinta Senese pigs. The Emilian tradition proposes prosciutto from Black sheep, unique yogurt and cheeses from rare beef and sheep, Tortel Dols with “mostarda” (made of candied fruit and a mustard flavored syrup), the potato pie “Quarantina”, bread from ”Miracolo” wheat, mostarda, chopped tomatoes from Riccio di Parma, a historic product of the valley of Parma.

There will also be skewers of Cornigliese sheep, foccaccia made with Gentilrosso wheat, Romagnola fresh pasta made with hen eggs, roasted black turkey, Borettana onions, cake and jam made with Zucchella prunes, fresh donkey milk. Rare types of Tuscan/Emilian wines will also be available.

The Rural Festival is not only food. Another area will be dedicated to an animal park, showcasing ancient breeds like the black pig, the Cornish, Massese and Garfagnana sheep, the Bardigiano horse, the Romagnolo and Amiatino donkey, the gray Appenine, Valtarese and Ottonese cow, Turkey from Parma and Piacenza, and the Romagnola and Valdarnese hen.

There will be many models of Landini and Lamborgini tractors produced in 1930 to 1950 on display. The two stops of the Rural Festival, thanks to the patronage of the towns of Lesignano De’ Bagni and Gaiole in Chianti, proposes to revive the economy of the past which is now in vogue.

It is a project to recuperate biodiversity and to take charge of the fields once again. It is a healthy and sustainable model of economy which depends upon ancient cultivations strictly connected to the territory. The movement does not end with these two weekends, but from yearto-year continues to give help to young generations of farmers and breeders.

Among the many initiatives of the program, the first “rural store” will open in the heart of Parma, offering a taste of excellent products of local producers all year round. Festival Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM. Free entrance.