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The first few months of the 2016 tourist season had a positive outcome for the town of Gaiole in Chianti, where the tourist trade is fundamental to the local economy.

The first analysis of the data relative to the “tourist tax” applied in the first four months of the  season, from March to June, shows an increase in arrivals from the same period as last year; from 10,369 to 10,549.

The overnight stays were more or less the same as those in 2015. The town has taken a positive step to promote and increase the value of the surrounding area.

This is being done through a series of initiatives that will begin with the Rural festival, appearing for the first time in Tuscany, specifically in Gaiole in Chianti, on Saturday the 17th, and Sunday the 18th of September.The events will culminate in the 20th edition of the ”Eroica” bicycle race on Sunday, October 2.

“The promotion of the territory and the new flux of tourists,” affirms Michele Pescini, mayor of  Gaiole in Chianti, “are the primary objectives of the town administration which has aimed in this direction, while maintaining the excellent quality of life of its citizens as a priority. Since 2011, the revenue earned from the tourist tax has allowed the town to reduce State taxes. It has done this by applying the tourist tax (il tasso di soggiorno) from March 1 to October 31, with tariffs based on the type of structure, according to an equal rule for all of the towns of the Chianti area”.

September will be full of event

“The growth of visitors registered during the first four (seasonal) months of 2016,” adds the mayor, “confirms the value of actions produced up to now and represents an added stimulus to continue to valorize our excellent food and wine resources and our unique and uncontaminated landscape. Thanks to the resources provided by the tourist tax and the collaboration with prestigious high profile partners, we are working on various initiatives which will animate Gaiole in Chianti during the month of September and will continue to make our territory known well beyond its local borders. Among these, one in particular is the Rural Festival. This is an international festival of biodiversity in its third edition in Emilia Romagna and making its debut here in Piazza Ricasoli with two days dedicated entirely to the rural world. There will also be promotional and other initiatives in our towns and villages, awaiting the most important event for us, ‘L’Eroica’, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary”.

The promotione of territory

“The promotion of our territory,” concludes Pescini, “is not limited to events and initiatives but find other areas where resources derived from the tourist tax are sustained. These are shared with all interested, from tourist operators to tourist associations, and are geared to guarantee a high quality of life for our citizens and a good calling card for our country. These include the upkeep of urban areas, maintenance of streets and signs, the strengthening and maintenance of our communal Internet site and the management of the tourist office and all services, cultural and not, which are fundamental for who lives in and who visits Gaiole in Chianti”.