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On September 17 and 18 you can search for Pokémon in the vineyards and cellars of the ”Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana” (Tourism for Tuscan Wine), during one of the most awaited for events of the year.

“Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia” (Harvest Open Winecellars) will allow wine enthusiasts to enter the vineyards of Tuscany during one of the most suggestive periods of the year. Riding this summer’s phenomenon, the Pokémon Go Smart phone App, MTV Tuscany has challenged all wine lovers: come look for us in the vineyards while we gather the grapes.

“Of course this is a provocation”, explains Violante Gardini, President of the Tourism Movement for Tuscan wine. “This idea can reinforce the network that MTV has created among the many wineries which follow the initiative. This is important for us because it allows those who have never done it before, to experience one of the most meaningful particulars of the production cycle of a bottle of wine”.

The initiative takes you from trekking in the vineyards to learning how to harvest a bunch of grapes, from the guided tours of the wine cellars already working to produce the new vintage to the traditional lunch of the wine gatherers. It will be possible to taste the fermenting “must” or to stamp grapes with your feet.

There will also be many activities for children who for one day can become wine harvesters. It is a different and entertaining way to discover the wine cellars, among the vats in ferment and the barrels, or in the middle of the rows of grapes which wake up and are animated… a veritable party.

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