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Mark your calendars. From September 10-18, “Strada in Fiera” returns to Strada in Chianti.

The festival takes place in Piazza Landi, Piazza del Mercato and the “Palazzetto dello sport” and is organized by the Pro Loco of Strada in Chianti with the patronage of the Town administration of Greve in Chianti.

The stars of the show are the five Strada districts: Borgo, Ruota Cappellina, Martellina, Palagione and Poggerino. They will challenge each other in the “Giostra dei Rioni” (Joust of the Districts), games and challenges among residents for the “Cencio dell’Orcio”, the prize of the 2016 edition.

During the festival there will be food, music and entertainment made available by the Pro Loco  and the districts of Strada.