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An historic general store in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa has found new life thanks to the courage and resourcefuness of two young siblings. In the recent past, the store was run by the well-known Maria.

“Da Barinco” was a shop where you could find everything, from liquers to pasta, from expresso to detergents. Now, without losing its own identity, it has caught up with the times.

Entering via Roma, 29, near piazza Vecchia, you will find a unique store, different and characteristic, both in style and service. Here you can breathe an international, but cozy atmosphere.

“”Maria di Barinco” thought that my sister Laura and I were the right people to whom pass the baton”, says Andrea Corti. “We were enthusiastic to have something all our own, and accepted the challenge. In order to maintain the personality of the locale”, he tells us, “ we restored the 1940’s counter and bought original furnishings from the 50’s and 60’s. We opened in March of 2013”.

“The store has been around since 1870”, he explains. “It was a popular resting place along the Cassia for those who stopped to have their horses’ shoes changed. In the 1930’s it was famous for its coffee and milk, distributed in measuring cups from the dairy. In the 1950’s and 60’s it had a billiards room”. ù

“Some of our clients are older and don’t have a car”, he continues. “We keep convenience products. Our passion consists in looking for quality items, not brand names”. ù

“In addition to our Saturday pancake breakfast”, he tells us, “every summer on Tuesdays we prepare vegetarian and lampredotto sandwiches. Each week, we create a new type of sandwich, because we like to experiment”.

“One of the reasons we started this adventure is music. Instead of keeping the radio on, we choose all of the songs from morning to evening. The small hall allows us to offer Sunday happy hour and concerts”. ù

“Beginning with the music”, concludes Andrea, “we aim to create a cultural movement that extends to other areas: a photographic exhibit, a meeting, a book presentation. We would like to see more participation by young people”.

Noemi Bartalesi