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“Manometro”, the timepiece collection by Giuliano Mazzuoli, is growing, renewing its timeless charm.

Mazzuoli, a brilliant designer from Tavarnelle, is continually stimulated by ideas which he combines with his passion for hand made artisanship, a constant that characterizes all of his products.

With more than 10 years experience in high style watchmaking, Mazzuoli introduces 2 new changes from his first creation. He has chosen sky blue and green for the new Manometro quadrants, leaving the concept of form and essential, clean design unchanged, as in his first version with ivory and black quadrants.

Green symbolizes hope and is a message of positivity. It aims to go against modern tendencies and is also tied to the other color, azure, the color of the sky and infinity.

The principal characteristics of the Manometro have been left intact. The robust cylindrical case in shiny steel with a crown at 2 o:clock and the watchband in natural Florentine leather is produced by hand in Tuscany and inserted directly into the watch-case.