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“A spasso nel Chianti tra Storia, Arte, Cultura e Leggende” (Around Chianti through History, Art, Culture and Legends), is an event organized by the Lega del Chianti aboard vintage cars.

The appointment is for Saturday, July 9, in Radda in Chianti, starting at 4:30pm. The cars will be made available by members of the Siena Club of  Classic Autos and Motorbikes (S.C.A.M.E.) and will be a “stroll” created to allow the exploration of the Chianti Classico territory, examining its art, its secrets, its panoramas, its tastes and perfumes.

The meeting place is along the old walls of the town, in viale Giacomo Matteotti from where the group will leave for a special afternoon, in an itinerary that starts at Radda in Chianti, and passes through Cappellina di Ama, Lecchi, San Sano, Torricella, Brolio, Castagnoli, Gaiole and Vertine, and arrives at the Albola Castle.

Stops will allow participants to see and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and art of the places visited. Participation is reserved for the “Dame” and “Legati” of the Chianti League and their guests.

The beauties of the locations visited will be illustrated by Dr. Francesca Fumi Cambi Gado, Art Historian responsible for Culture for the Chianti League.