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Sofia Anzovini, not even 20 years old, has opened her dream shop, “Ago Matto” (Crazy Needle), in Mercatale Val di Pesa; something to believe in which lights up your eyes, a passion, and a dream… together with some needles, scissors and many spools of thread.

Two daughters, a family and a lot of courage pushed her to open this activity against advice to the contrary. She has bet on “Ago Matto”, opened a week ago in piazza Vittorio Veneto in Mercatale.

She began: “I have always had a passion for sewing, and I did repairs for some friends even before opening the shop. Then, in the space of a month and a half, I followed my ideas and created Ago Matto”.

“I thought”, she tells us, “that today it isn’t easy to find someone to do tailoring repairs. Therefore it would be the type of shop that would be useful and would work”.

She realizes it will not be easy with two little girls, but her words show maturity, the desire to work, and trust: ”I created my shop in 1960’s style, furnishing it with recycled objects that render it unique and vintage”.

Among an old barrel, planks and a rickshaw in the store window, you can also see men and women’s clothing for sale: “Asides making repairs and knitting, I wanted to keep a clothing selection aimed towards young people who want to find fashionable clothing at a good price”.

Surely, young people like Sofia who want to create their own space and have the spirit of adventure, can take that uncertain step towards something new. Says Sofia with satisfaction, “If you don’t try, you may regret it”.

Silvia Rabatti