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Tuscany is preparing to host a new, exclusive appointment to see the wonders of the Chianti territiory, from the earth to the sky.

On Saturday, June 25, Astronomitaly is organizing the national event, “Occhi su Saturno” (Eyes on Saturn), which will take place at the “Osservatorio (Observatory) Polifunzionale” of Chianti in Barberino Val d’Elsa.

From there, it will be possible to observe the planet Saturn with its rings. At 9:30 pm, the evening begins with a presentation with the theme, the planet Saturn, its characteristics and the history of its observations, through the help of images and video projections of the planet.

At the end of the presentation, Saturn and its rings will be observed with a telescope, accompanied by the explanation of an expert from the Observatoy.

It is a true astronomic trip for adults and children who will have the unique possibility to see the most fascinating planet of the solar system with their own eyes! Why is this an unforgettable event? Because on June 25 Saturn will be in a favorable position to clearly note its rings, made up of ice and rock.

Also, it is necessary to be far away from big cities and their luminous pollution to better observe Saturn and other celestial objects. Thanks to the Observatory’s sky quality and the shutting of lights, you will also be able to observe Mars, Jupiter and other cosmic wonders.

Reservations to participate at:  Contact Astronomitaly: info@astronomitaly.com3460246014.