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“La Sagra dell’Ortica” (Nettle Festival), dedicated to the plant and its various cooking qualities, began on Friday, June 17, in the town of Sambuca, where fine cuisine and neighborhood challenges are part of the traditional festival.

The inititiative, promotey be Pro Loco, Sambuca and the Township of Tavarnelle, begins the summer in this suburb of Tavarnelle.

It is centered on the rediscovery of local tradition with a special event tied to the figure of Don Cuba, Danilo Cubattoli, known for his work as a movie critic and chaplain of the Florence prison. Lasagne, chicken and ribs “ortica” style, are part of the food specialties, fruit of a new look at antique nettle recipes which you can taste at the various food stands, along the streets and in the town gardens.

With traditional odors and tastes, the old rivalry among the San Lazzaro, Sant’Anna and Torricelle neighborhoods are revived.

The rivalry will consist in a series of games aimed to show ability. They are programmed for Saturday, June 18, starting at 4pm. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, at 6pm.

Among the events in program for Sunday: a fashion show, a performance by Zumba Fitness, an artisan market (with typical local products and antiques), a dog show, and the singing event “Quasi Uguale” Show (Almost the Same) which will take place on Sunday at 9pm.

Proceeds will be given to the Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence. There will be entertainment, music and dance. During the festival days there will be a food stand and refreshments.