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Places symbolic of the culture of San Casciano; the Giuliano Ghelli museum, the church of Santa Maria sul Prato (1300’s), the Niccolini Theatre.

All are recounted and illustrated for tourists and locals by area students. The voices and texts of over 70 students have been registered and edited for new audio guides for the township of San Casciano, the museum circuit of Chianti Valdarno, and the comprehensive Institute of San Casciano, directed by Marco Poli, thanks to government financing.

They are the voices of students of the primary and secondary schools of San Casciano, protagonists of the project “Dare voce alla cultura” (Giving culture a voice).

The initiative will be presented on Saturday, June 18 at 10am in the auditorium of ChiantiBanca (in piazza Arti e Mestieri). “The project has a double value”, comments the Councilor of Culture, Chiara Molducci. “It lets the students acquire a deeper knowledge of the territory and it cultural resources, an historic-artistic patrimony that we discovered in San Casciano and which inserts itself into the learning itineray of the students, tied to our museums”.

In addition to the educational activity, the accent is on tourists. “The project strengthens promotional activity”, adds Councilor Molducci, “with new instruments that also help the disabled. Audio guides can be used by non-seeing visitors”.

Marco Poli, scholastic director of the “Istituto Comprensivo”, of San Casciano, underlines that “thanks to this project the territory has become a didactic workshop. Students were involved in itineraries of visits, observations and interpretations of the works and cultural environment and created the audio guides as well as some informative posters with the objective to promote and describe cultural content in both Italian and English, favoring the use of our treasures on part of a growing and heterogeneous public”.

The presentation, accompanied by listening to the audio guides and a visit to cultural spaces, will take place on Saturday, June 18, at 10 and 11am in the presence of Mayor Massimiliano Pescini, Culture Councilor,Chiara Molducci, the vice principal ot the Istituto Comprensivo, Carla Ghirlandini, Anna Soffici from Friends of the Museum of Impruneta and San Casciano, Nicoletta Matteuzzi, coordinator of the Museum system of Chianti Valdarno, Mavi Nervi of the Niccolini Theatre and Maurizio Manetti from “Audioguide”. It will be followed by the showing of the video, “Museo e Comunita”, (Museum and Community), created by the Fondazione (Foundation) Studio Marangoni.