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In piazza Barberini, in Barberino Val d’Elsa, vintage motors are rumbling again. A few weeks ago the 1000 Miglia passed by. Saturday, June 4, was the official first stage of the “Mosquito’s Way Grand Tour 2016”.

If the odor of burned fuel makes you dizzy, if you still have the passion for those motorbikes which signified liberty and independence for more than a generation, if you have an old bike hidden in grandpa’s basement, then the place to be is Mosquito’s Way.

The event was invented by the Florentine rocker, Piero Pelù, and support by the journalist Giovanni Di Pillo and by  DJ Ringo.

The race was dedicated to the celebrated auxiliary motorbike by Garelli, which after the war contributed to motorizing half of Italy.

After the success of two clandestine editions, the event landed in Barberino Val d’Elsa. There were 45 contestants at the starting point in piazza Barberini.

Many Tuscans participated as well as arrivals from Brescia, Udine and Naples. The following categories were admitted: rollers, cycles with normal pedals, and cycles with rigged motors. All had to date before 1990.

Fun, happiness and healthy competition reigned in this vintage parade which, started in Le Mans stye, reached the Chapel of San Michele Arcangelo a Semifonte.

The riders, aboard Mosquitos, Solex, Ciao, Si, Bravo, Motom, Guzzi Dingo and others, were all rigorously dressed according to theme: from Peppone to Don Camillo to the Blues Brothers, plus characters from a Joe Bar cartoon: lots of bell bottom trousers and sideburns.

After riding up and down the street, closed to traffic, the happy band moved to the farmstead restaurant, “Le Cantinacce”, for an aperitif, dinner and prizes.

Around 10 trophies were awarded: the most beautiful bike, the rustiest, one for the look and the coolest lady, for the “Mosquitero” who traveled farthest, and the sought after prize, Mosquito’s King, won by Giacomo aboard a perfect motor bike.

Mosquito’s Way Grand Tour continues to tour Tuscany: September on the white roads of the Parco Villa Castelletti- Signa. On October 8 -Mugello Track Circuit – together with the Campionato Italiano di Velocità. (Italian Velocity Championship). Grand Final,for the top twenty… date and time to be announced.

Stefano Casprini