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The traditional early summer night race returns to the Chianti hills. In the splendid context of the historic center of Barberino Val d’Elsa, the Atletica Castello, in collaboration with the town of Barberino is organizing the 14th edition of the “Barberino Scendi e Sali”.

The meeting place is the Pineta (pine forest) of Barberino on June 10 at 7pm. The race leaves from the city center at 8:30pm.

The itineraries consist of a competitive 8 kilometer race and a non-competitive race of 4 kilometers. The first 200 signed up will receive a race package.

For the competitive race you need a UISP, Fidal or similar membership card with medical certification valid for a competitive activity. One is not needed for the non-competitive race.

There is a special prize for the first 30 arrivals…a bottle of local extra virgin olive oil. The first 30 men, first 15 veteran men, first 5 “silver” men and first 15 women will receive prizes.

For info, contact Sandro Bardotti at 3381829061 or by email at