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Many consider the Florentine beefsteak to be the real queen of the grill. In Tuscany, it is a point of gastronomic and culture reference. In the city and in the country, with the family, each one has his own secret recipe for cooking a steak best.

It is a costly, important piece of meat that requires great attention. In San Casciano, particularly in the town of Mercatale, there is actually a championship. It is organized by the Pro Loco of San Casciano, which for years, has dedicated a weekend where carnivores from all over Tuscany  challenge each other with knife and fork to see who can eat the biggest steak.

The steak is chosen among the 3 butchers of the town. It is then brought to the Master Grillers who grill them in the piazza. It is then enjoyed in the piazza, under the stars. He who eats the largest steak, is crowned “Champion” and doesn’t pay. This year, the contest will take place on the weekend of June 17-18.