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A strong bond of friendship, which since 2012 includes a beautiful garden entering the town to recall it. The friendship between Greve in Chianti and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware USA (with which a twinning has been sealed), where the navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano historically landed.

This beautiful garden was opened exactly on Verrazzano’s Day in 2012, April the 17th, designed by Ray Zabrowsky, a garden architect from Rehoboth Beach.

It is not a corner of green in Tuscan or Italian style, but it is pure US style, with benches and white fences. It was entitled to navigators, above all those thanks to whom the two communities know each other today. Giovanni da Verrazzano and other Tuscans, then travelers in general, emphasizing the value of mutual understanding.

The garden green was planned and paid for by the Rehoboth Beach Twinning Committee and was actively followed by Pat Coluzzi, deputy mayor at the time and now Chairman of the Committee.

Its implementation was assigned to Leonello Tissi, a gardener form Pistoia and now adopted by Greve, assisted by municipal workers and gardeners. Every two years a Rehoboth Beach delegation pays visit on Verrazzano’s Day and, together with the mayor of Greve in Chianti, lays a wreath singing national anthems.

The interesting thing is the overall project. In Greve there is an American-style garden, and in Rehoboth Beach there is a Tuscan style one, for which traditional Tuscan plants such as cypress trees were planted, and the Greve delegation brought and planted some irises from San Polo. These now bloom in the month of May.

Matteo Pucci