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Everything is ready for “Radda nel Bicchiere”, (Radda in a Glass), the appointment with Chianti wines in the suggestive town of Radda in Chianti, a common point of interest for lovers of folklore and fine wine.

Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, the event, in its 21st year, begins. Thousands of tourists fill the small town in the heart of Chianti Classico to enjoy the breathtaking view while imbibing a few glasses of excellent wine. Guests of honor this year are wines from Etna.

There will also be a guided wine tasting of 24 wineries and 80 labels from Radda. The party begins on Saturday at 10:30am with the meeting “Radda incontra L’Etna – Analogie e differenze del rosso d’altura” (Radda meets Etns…Analogies and differences between high altitude reds”.

It will be conducted by Giampaolo Gravina in the “Sala del Podesta’” of Town Hall. Reservations are required. The event will be opened from 3pm to 8pm with the tasting of the best Radda wines. At 4:30pm the seminar, “I vini di Radda in Chianti alla prova dei bicchieri neri, con qualche intruso” (Radda reds…with some intruders) will be conducted by Davide Bonucci, President of the Siena Enoclub. Reservations are required. For info and reservations call Pro Loco: 0577738494.

Sunday, June 5, the event will be opened from 11am to 6pm. During the day, the 9th “Degustazione alla Cieca” (Blind tasting) will take place in the Saletta of the Misericordia. Prizes will be awarded at 6pm.

During the event there will be a vast selection of wines for sale at cellar price in bars and wine bars of the town. For info:,