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The Torre del Chianti (Chianti Tower), the old (functional) aqueduct of San Casciano, renovated with an excellent panorama, contains a jewel as precious as its view.

We are talking about “Bulk Project”, fruit of the symbiosis and collaboration between the artist, Patrizio Travagli, and a group of architects WOKdesign (Angelo Basso, Leonardo Biagi and Marco Giachetti).

The exhibit is made up of a series of luminous sculptures which reflect on matter, through the use of regular or platonic solids present in “De Divina Proportione” by Luca Pacioli.

In addition to mathematics, the artist questions visual perception. He begins with three dimensions to visualize, through light, those hidden. The spectator perceives the imperceptible through an ordered and rational world: infinite or multi-dimensional. On first observation, these works bring to mind figures of platonic solids, opening up the possibility (in a second analysis) to follow a perceptive route that projects the visitor into another dimension, in a sort of stellar voyage.

It has already been exhibited in Vienna (Art Week 2009), at the Biennial of Cairo in 2010 and at the 54th Biennial of Art in Venice in 2011. It now finds its new home in San Casciano through the town’s patronage (with a contribution by L.C. Relco S.p.A and the participation of Villa Mangiacane).

It will be on display in the Torre del Chianti for an undisclosed period of time: the location was chosen for its originality, in an attempt to increase interest and add to the area’s culture.

Matteo Pucci