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Francesca Simoncini, 28, blonde, from San Casciano describes herself “a sunny disposition,  sociable and in love with life, crazy about my dog and my job.  I studied foreign languages, mostly to know English for this job, although Spanish and French help too”.

The “job” she is talking about is wedding planner, mostly for foreigners, principally for VIP. “I began to work by chance for SposiamoVi in February, 2011”, she tells us, “and I was struck by this fantastic but complex world of foreign wedding planning. I slowly realized that it was what i wanted to do and, seeing the results, that I was very good at it”.

She explains what a wedding planner does: “At the beginning it is a dream, like it seems in the movies. but the reality is a bit different. It is beautiful, but very difficult, mentally and physically. My friends often ask how I sustain the rhythm because it is clearly not a typical office job, especially from May till the end of September when your private life is in the background. I must thank my fiance’ Federico who has so much patience”.

“However,” she admits, “there are many advantages. To visit and stay in beautiful places, to meet people from all over the world and to be part of the most important day of every couple’s life. It is a variable job: each wedding is a world in itself and, organizing circa 35 weddings per season (there are 4 of us in the Tuscan office) and almost 70 (considering our offices in Genova and Amalfi) we are always looking for new locations, inspiration, trends, colors, material to rent and entertainment for the guests. We never stop”.

SposiamoVi also organize VIP weddings in Chianti: “I organized a beautiful wedding in Salvadonica last summer, the wedding of the champion cyclist Michael Matthews. They were married in the Pieve di Campoli. Vignamaggio is another popular location and will be the site of a marvelous post wedding event that we are organizing for 300 persons this July. I organized the wedding of an Italian American couple at the Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte last May and I will host another one at Villa Mangiacane next October. Tuscany is a marvelous region for weddings”.

We ask if she has had bizarre requests. “Where can I begin? Airplanes with banners that fly over the location, tripe truck in the parking lot for a late night snack, a professional tenor who surprised all with the notes of “Nessun dorma” during dinner, an Ape decorated as a bar to serve fresh drinks and champagne to the guests at the end of the ceremony…”.

An unforgettable wedding? “July 2014”, she answers”, a wedding with a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” theme. There were figures that ran around and danced during the Aperitif, inviting the guests to join. September 2015, wedding of a Chinese couple on Lake Como, with the symbolic ceremony organized on the floating pool that was covered for the occasion, producing a platform covered in grass and plants”.

Finally, the last: “May 2016 the wedding of Grace Gail and Adam Rodriguez, 3 days for the star of CSI Miami and Magic Mike; 130 people at Volterra, ceremony in an enchanted forest and dinner under a marvelous tend with many lights, tables decorated with herbs and peonies. During the party, I danced with Channing Tatum, star of Step Up and Magic Mike. I don’t usually dance with the guests, but I couldn’t refuse that invitation”.

Matteo Pucci