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The Florentine rockstar, Piero Pelù, together with two professional motorcycle riders, the television journalist Giovanni Di Pillo and the DJ Ringo, has come up with the idea “Mosquito’s way”, the desire to revive old motorcycles abandoned in our grandparents’ garages.

After the success of two “clandestine” editions among friends and pilots, held in the Florentine hills of Bellosguardo… the first on October 30, 2015 and the other on February 9, 2016, Mardi Gras (in costume!), the “Mosquito’s” grand tour of 2016 was designated.

It consists of four appointments in suggestive locations of Tuscany to get together, share, and parade your own restored and shiny motorized jewels.

The first official segment will take place on June 4 in Barberino Val d’Elsa. The itinerary will snake through the road that from Barberino arrives at the Cappella di San Michele Arcangelo at Semifonte, where an exact replica of Santa Maria Del Fiore of Florence, work by Brunelleschi, can be found. It is a jewel immersed in the sweetness of the Tuscan hills.

The following categories may be admitted: RULLI (motorized cycles with auxiliary motors and rollers); CICLOMOTORI with pedals….up to 50cc; TRUCCATI (rigged….pedaled modified motorbikes, up to 50cc).

All vehicles must date prior to 1990. The event is open to everybody. Dress code: you must wear vintage clothing. On June 4, the day will begin in the early afternoon. The meeting place is piazza Barberini. There will be an exhibition of the motorcycles, to be followed by a parade and an awards dinner.

A “Ghost Jury” will elect the most beautiful cycles category, the coolest “look” and “lady”, and the “Mosquitero” who lives the furthest away. For information and sign-up:;