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300 years of history, 300 days of interaction and initiatives that render homage to such an important anniversary.

Among these is the exhibit/story of the history of Chianti Classico that will enrich and be integrated with the exhibit “Feeling Chianti Classico”, already set up in the museum of the Radda in Chianti Convent in the “Casa Chianti Classico”.

The Consortium  of Chianti Classico Wine has implemented a new narrative that will be developed along 2 main tracks: the first will be centered on the Tuscan territory, with its wine, its people and its oenological context; the second will concentrate on what was taking place at the same time in the rest of the world.

All this will be illustrated by info-graphic panels alternated with interactive installations and holograms of historic persons. In addition to the exhibit, the Consortium is programming a representation of the Chianti territory with cutouts of Black Roosters, 3 meters high, and positioned in strategic areas where the figures can be seen by all, especially in piazzas and roundabouts.

The black rooster is the symbol of the 300 year anniversary 1716-2016. A special “bollino” (label) will be produced and put on bottles of Chianti Classico, protagonists of the various events directly organized and run by the Consortium of the Chianti Classico Company; in the Wine cellar of the Central Market and the Casa Chianti Classico in Radda in Chianti as well as in events taking place in Italy and abroad.