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Greve in Chianti is rediscovering the Iris by putting the ancient flower in the center of an event that offers new promotional, economic and tourist opportunities.

In the midst of the Chianti hills, covered with olive trees and vineyards, one can see waves of the perfumed purple flower.

The Iris, symbol of Tuscany, elegantly returns to the countryside in the coming weeks.  The “poor man’s orchid”, beloved by poets and minstrels of the past, is linked to Iride, the Greek goddess associated with the rainbow.

It will be honored in San Polo in Chianti for the Festa del Giaggiolo (the Iris festival) that will take place from May 5-8.

The festival boasts music, excursions, sporting competitions, art, books and excellent cuisine. The flower will be center stage, its roots and essence offering various uses; perfume, liqueurs and even painkilling action. the root of the iris is a natural remedy for teething babies. It has a mild anti-pain effect.

The Iris, cultivated since the 1800’s, has been used for centuries to alleviate cough and against the viper bite as well as a perfume, cosmetic and ingredient for the preparation of jams and sweets.