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“Shooting, fencings and acrimony, while wildboars make party in Chianti”: this the title of a long article that the New York Times International is dedicating today, with recall on the front page, to an “invasion” that seems “a war” and whose “battlefield” are the “vaunted” vineyards “in the heart of Tuscany”.

“The enemy is a population of voracious wild boars and deers” in explosive growth, “that come to eat sugary grapes and tender grapevine shoots, but that is also part of the famous landscape of the region, its traditions of hunting and cooking”. These the words written by the New York Times newspaper, nothing that they are “four times more numerous in Tuscany than in any other part of Italy.”

“Winemakers and local farmers say that now wild boars are threatening a delicate ecosystem of Tuscany, besides causing hundreds of car accidents per year and damage the production of their precious Chianti Classico Wine”.

Costs are calculated between 11 and 16 millions of dollars per year, in addition to the costs to realize fencings and barriers. All this has also enlarged criticism because it seems that it would ruin the “beauty of the Tuscan countryside”. The NYT recalls that the Tuscany Region has approved a law aimed at the drastically reducing of the number of wild boars and deers, and mentions Marco Remaschi, Regional Councilor, according to which “this law is at least a first step”.

But the law, the newspaper said, seems to have started a series of new disputes. Because it extends by three months the hunting season, while setting limitations that do not like to hunters and it expands the areas where hunting is permitted, causing problems and worries to environmentalists.