aprile, 2016

25apr11:0023:00Festa della stagion bona (Festival of good season)Panzano in Chianti

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In Panzano in Chianti is celebrated a special recurrence that combine together traditions, fun and good food.
The event is called “Festa della stagion bona” literally “Festival of the good season”. It starts with a majestic parade along the main street with people wearing traditional costumes, some are rich people others are commons. The parade ends in the upper part of the town where in the little square take place the hanging, after the traditional process among the rich owners of the Chianti Castles.
This representation reminds the ancient battles between the Gherardini and the Firidolfi family, both rich owners of castles in the Chianti area.
– See more at: http://www.20inchianti.it/en/blog/festa_della_stagion_bona_25_aprile.php#sthash.bxZZLW3U.dpuf

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(Lunedì) 11:00 - 23:00


Panzano in Chianti