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After the guided tours, the treasure hunts through the historic streets of San Casciano and the audio guides made with the voices of the little ones, the “Child-friendly” kit arrives.

A cheerful and colorful set of tools that invite you to learn about treasures, works, symbols and ancient stories in a playful and didactic way.

Who live inside the Giuliano Ghelli museum and among the external architectures of the cultural heritage of San Casciano.

An illustrator and three art historians are the authors of the project that enriches and enhances museum education in San Casciano, created by the educational section of the Friends of the Museum of Impruneta and San Casciano Marcello Possenti APS association.

Rebecca Serchi, who oversaw the contents and illustrations, Serena Bianchi, Alice Chiostrini and Francesca Goggioli, the art historians, active in the educational department of the Chianti Valdarno Museum System, who dealt with the contents of the kit materials aimed at children aged between 5 and 11, available to families.


The new free service, which has the function of stimulating the interest of girls and boys more and accompanying them on the path that they can carry out independently, together with their parents, to discover both the museum and the sites of interest in the country.

The kit includes a backpack which in turn contains a booklet and in-depth materials that offer fun games and activities for the little ones.

And it is available at the Ghelli Museum and the municipal library.

Info: 0558256385