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In the hamlet of Barberino Val d’Elsa the mosaic of memory, enriched by the precious piece of popular culture, reveals an ageless casket, full of signs and traces of the millenary origins of invisible places, on the border with reality, populated by unexpected characters and little known.

It is the other side of Chianti, the secret one, which resists the blows of time, to relive in the contemporary stories and narratives of the actor and writer Francesco Mattonai, protagonist of the “Barberino Nascosta” event which for three Sundays, 13 June , 25 July and 22 August, will take the public for a walk in time and in the collective imagination of an ancient village to be discovered.

The small and large voices who built the prestigious barberino charm will guide the journey that will invite visitors (distributed in shifts at 18 and 19.15) to listen to the singing stones, to breathe the scent of history that spreads, impetuous , among the medieval architectures.

A little poet, in the guise of Francesco da Barberino, a little ghost, evoked by the darkness of the night with the myth of Chito who reveals himself within the walls of the castle, a little pope, in the role of Pope Urban VIII.

Interpreting each of them, Francesco Mattonai will retrace the history of five significant places, including secret gardens, private museums, churches and other hidden treasures linked to the characters who inhabited them.

Alleys, squares, arcades, silent spaces, usually closed to the public, which over the centuries have hosted a story, have seen the rise of a famous family, kept alive by the thread of oral tradition, will let themselves be known and explored thanks to the initiative organized by Sartor Antiqua and Achu Archaeological Group with the patronage of the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle.

Free admission, reservations required. Info and contacts: 392 098