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San Casciano residents often look up while they are walking through the center of town. They check out the time on the antique clock.

There is a tower from the 16th century on top of the tower where the clock is located in Piazza Pierozzi, at the cross street between Via Roma, via Machiavelli, via lV novembre and Via Morrochesi.

The clock was created by the Galileo workshop of Florence in 1884 and is one of the few examples produced by the well known Florentine repair shop. The clock, which had stopped for a year due to its age, was restored in 2014, cleaned and restarted.

“Surely”, says Giovanni Ermini,  the person who restored it, “the clock hadn’t been cleaned for at least 60 years. While I was taking it apart and reassembling it I was able to value its historic worth;it is a very rare clock, verified by its unusual frame, where you can see the letters A and V, the initials of the founder of the Galileo shop, Angelo Vegni“.

“Each clock that I repair and bring back to life”,  reveals Ermini, “is like a son for me, because it tells its story to whoever observes it. I felt a strong emotion this morning when the clock began to run again. I will certainly return to visit it.”