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A sort of zero-cost super spot for Tuscany. Particularly welcome in a difficult moment like the one we are experiencing.

The open letter about the past month in our region, written by the American film star (Israeli naturalized American) Natalie Portman and published last May 29 on the Vanity Fair is making people talk a little all over the world.

And the hope is that that month of summer from 2014, spent by Portman in the heart of Tuscany, told in every detail in the letter, could represent the starting point to come to our region on vacation.

The Val d’Orcia. Siena. Our campaigns. The Crete Senesi ….

“Nothing had prepared me for an entire month in Tuscany – the actress writes – Those evenings seemed to last forever, and I felt as if we were in 1952. The magic of the place softened me”.

A real love letter. That we can only subscribe … point by point!