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In this difficult moment, nature continues to run its life.

Spring has just arrived a few days ago, the perfect time to rediscover the matriarchal society of bees, which is very important for environmental balance and for our health.

Just bees place themselves at the center of this new custody project: “In the name of the Bee”, of Castello di Meleto and Viticola Toscana, with the aim of tripling the existence of these insects in the area.

How? By inviting private individuals and their members to adopt an apiary, the company aims to encourage a wider return of this precious insect in the territory of Gaiole in Chianti and surrounding areas.

“In the name of the bee” want to facilitate the increase in pollinating bees, which have a positive impact on human immune defenses.

The opportunity to assign a beehive to time wants to promote a current message in a specific direction: return to the good rebalancing practices is also necessary for everyone’s environmental education, and cultivating awareness in citizenship and building a future of conservation.

For those who decide to become the custodian of an apiary, it will allow it to grow and develop; in this way he will take care of it remotely and will be involved in the growth step by step.

On each hive taken in custody with a donation of 250 euros, the name of the investor will be affixed and, from the production of each site, 2 kg will be extracted for 5 years of custody, for a total of 10 kg.

The 20 hives of the property in fact provide a quality organic honey and it is in the next intentions to triple the families, in order to support the biodiversity of the territory and a global heritage with eco-sustainable development.