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Here we are! With the Christmas video of our editorial staff, of those who every day contribute to this small-great editorial miracle represented by three newspapers (Il Gazzettino del Chianti, SportChianti and WeChianti) who have the pride of telling a territory single. Who made them from home who … from a little further away.

Merry Christmas to all. Thanks to our readers and our readers, for a record 2019 (we will be able to talk about it at the end of the year).

And so, while we are planning big news for 2020, we wish you a lot of good wishes. In the video and, above all, also accompanying you for the holidays. Everyday.

With: Noemi Bartalesi, Silvia Luis, Costanza Masini, Silvia Rabatti, Antonio Taddei, Gabriele Fredianelli, Cosimo Ballini, Emanuele Grazzini, Duccio Becheroni (Didje Doo), Matteo Pucci, Leonardo Pasquinelli, Samuele Fontanelli. Special guest: Alfio.