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Two musical events organized by the Accademia Musicale of San Casciano for the Christmas holidays on December 20th and 21st.

Two Christmas classics from the Accademia for Christmas, before closing for school holidays. An opportunity to exchange greetings in a “musical” atmosphere.

Friday 20 December at 9 pm

“We wish you a Merry Christmas” at the Machiavelli Auditorium in Chianti, a show offered by the students of the modern music department.

Performance of ensemble music groups and vocal ensembles.

Saturday 21 December at 4 pm

At the Sala Polivalente of the Circolo Arci of San Casciano “Merry Christmas Greetings” by the students of the classical music department.

During the afternoon the little ones of the Giocomusica and the soloists will perform, with repertoire of traditional Christmas music and not.